SPIAA Annual Training Conference  

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WELCOME to Monroe NC from SPIAA President Robert Rollins and the Board.
62nd Annual SPIAA Training Conference.

Conference Theme

Focused Deterrence "Pulling Levers"


A $500.00 gift card is going to be awarded to 1 lucky person signed up for the upcoming SPIAA Retraining conference in Monroe. We have decided to have a drawing for a $500.00 gift card, to be awarded during the conference banquet on Thursday evening, July 25, 2013. The earlier you register, the more opportunities you have to win the gift card. Each person that registers 60 days or earlier will have their name placed in the contest box three times. Register 30 days before the conference & your name will be placed in the drawing box twice & anyone who registers within 2 weeks of the conference will have their name placed in the box once.

The 60 day deadline is Friday, May 24, 2013

The 30 day deadline is Sunday June 23, 2013

The 2 week deadline is Tuesday July 9, 2013