SPIAA Annual Training Conference  

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WELCOME to Monroe NC from SPIAA President Robert Rollins and the Board.
62nd Annual SPIAA Training Conference.

Conference Theme

Focused Deterrence "Pulling Levers"


.Online Registration and Payment CLOSED


.Register and pay with check by mail. Download PDF file, complete and mail with your check.


2013 SPIAA Retraining Conference
"Pulling Levers/Focused Deterrence"
Monroe, NC

Registration Rates:

Active Members $275.00

Retirees $215.00

Nonmembers $325.00

Spouse, Guest, Children over 18 $175.00

Children (under 18) $125.00


2013 Conference Golf Polo Shirt.  One for each registrant.  Choose Size S-M-L-XL-2XL in
colors White, Black, Navy, Red, or Yellow for each registration fee.